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Welcome to Neweratissuesalt.co.uk. We are an online business dedicated to selling the well known brands of New Era Cell Salts, Dr Reckeweg Tissue Salts and Dr Reckeweg Drops. We are part of the well-known high street store Elixir Health Foods.

Elixir Health Foods is a family owned business operating from the wonderful Cornish town of Wadebridge, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom and has been trading online for nearly twenty years. We are one of the internet's longest established online health businesses and our web stores are very much part of our popular and successful high street operations.

On the high street, locals simply refer to us as 'Elixir' and we are looked upon as an important community store in the heart of our town; a responsibility we relish. We really are a 'real' store, a well-established high street business with dedicated staff, underpinned by a strong ethical practice. So you'll notice that unlike some internet businesses we don't hide who we are, nor shy away from customer contact. In fact our easily recognised trading name and contact information is our way of stretching out our hand to greet and meet you.

We also believe that trading on the internet should be simple and reassuring. Consequently there are no false promises about what we offer. You can shop with us in total confidence, safe in the knowledge that we trade by the same core values which has championed our success on the high street. And, if in any doubt about your purchase we are keen to offer our services and show our sincerity by encouraging you to phone and discuss your needs with any of our helpful advisors. Unfortunately we can not offer general diagnosis. Instead we advise first speaking to a health care practitioner before calling us, particularly if you are using conventional medicine.

In an ideal world you would come into our store and meet our well-informed and enthusiastic staff. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and help to shape the way we live.

Our other web stores are Elixirhealth.co.uk which sells a wide range of natural health products and Solgarhealthstore.co.uk, where you can shop for the full range of supplements by Solgar Vitamins. To visit these businesses, please click on the links below.

As a last word we hope you find our shopping sites clean and bright, fresh and exciting, which is just how you'll find our high street store.

Happy Shopping!

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Solgar Health Store

We are a member of the National Association of Health Stores (NAHS).

Elixir Health (UK) Ltd, T/a Elixir Health Foods. Reg. in Eng. Co. No. 5732451.